Black Outside  is  a  youth-serving outdoor education 501c3 organization 

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Our Mission 

With the knowledge that only 1% of Texas state park participants identify as Black/African-American, Black Outside, Inc was founded with the mission of expanded access, programming, and relevancy to both Black and Brown communities across Texas. We seek to not only diversify the outdoors but unleash a new generation of outdoor enthusiasts reflective of our country and state's beautiful diversity.

Our Values

Explore Self - We firmly believe that each young person has immense talents, abilities, and skills to contribute to their community and the greater world. Our outdoor programming serves as an opportunity to explore and enhance a student's strengths and social-emotional skill set in order for them to become even better leaders in their school and the local community.

Explore Culture - We value the powerful history of people of color in the outdoors and ensure each outdoor opportunity honors the sacrifice and triumph of those before us. We intentionally craft culturally relevant programming that expands builds on this history and affirms the identity of our students.

Explore Outdoors - We love the outdoors and value it as a place of healing, inspiration, challenge, and fun. We ensure each exploration inspires a greater love for the outdoors and its transformative power.